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The tanks game is a classic flash game involving two tanks shooting back and forth. In terms of flash games available online, this is one of the most classic and most fun ones you will find. All you got to do is adjusst the angle and the power, and bombs away you'll be having fun in no time!
Small missile (infinite)- delivers small blast with minimal damage
Missile (5)- delivers medium blast with medium damage
Small atom bomb (2)- one single large explosion with medium to high damage
Atom bomb (1)- one single enormous explosion with high damage
Volcano bomb (98)- delivers medium blast with five scatter bombs after initial blast
Shower (2)- one shot that breaks into 7 other shots; covers large range with medium damage
Hot shower (1)- one shot that breaks into 7 other shots which all explode with a wide range; covers same range as shower with maximum damage; most expensive item but worth the money
Small ball (5)- when shot, rolls along ground until it finds a target; medium damage
Ball (2)- when shot, rolls along ground until it finds a target; high damage
Large ball (1)- when shot, rolls along ground until it finds a target; very high damage but very expensive.
Small ball v2 (5)- delivers small-medium amount of damage and rolls along ground.
Ball v2 (2)- delivers large amount of damage and rolls along ground; very good deal.
Large ball v2 (1)- delivers maximum damage and rolls along groumd although a bit expensive.
Air strike (1)- allows player to select area to bomb; sweeping drop of bombs on selected area; extremely expensive; cool looking but not worth the money.

Tank Parachutes (5)- if ground below tank is blown out, allows tank to float to the ground with minimal damage.
Tank Repair kit (5)- repairs energy.
Tank Fuel (50)- allows tank to move along ground.
Tank Weak shield (2)- the least effective shield; can withstand low damage.
Tank Shield (1)- regular shield; can withstand medium damage.
Tank Strong shield (1)- second most effective shield; can withstand major damage.
Tank Super shield (1)- most effective shield well worth the money; can withstand maximum damage.
Tank Teleport (1)- allows tank to teleport to a desired location on the map.

Upgrade Tank energy (1)- allows tank to not have as much energy taken away when hit.
Upgrade Tank armor (1)- allows tank to withstand more damage before exploding.
Upgrade Tank engine (1)- allows tank to move farther.
Upgrade Tank hill move (1)- allows tank to move up steeper hills.

The Tanks Game is a great game of strategy and skill. In the tanks game the purpose is to destroy your opponents tank while avoiding being damaged by his weapons. The Tanks game is a 2 player game but you can also play the tank game against the computer.